Sights and Insights: Missourian Newspaper

Sixteen years ago, I traded in my grade book and classroom chalk for a spot behind a computer. A columnist—that’s what I’d be. A phone call, an interview and some writing samples later, I landed a job at The Washington Missourian.

“So what are you going to call your column,” Bill Miller Sr., the editor asked.

Shocked at getting hired, I had no idea.

“Can I think about it overnight?” was my reply.

It was a long night. I wanted my feature column to be about what I saw in our community of Washington and what I thought about. Some weeks I wanted it to be light and funny, other weeks the slant would be more serious.

“Sights and Insights” seemed an apt title. Since that first column my readers have been kind and loyal, often offering input that has spurred me on.

My columns run the gamut. Things that annoy me are grist for the mill—not being able to find my keys or driving off with a casserole on top of my car.

Other weeks, I’m moved by experiences with my family, a husband who’s my first editor, our three adult daughters and five grandchildren.

Most gratifying, though, is writing about others, getting to know folks in our community, interviewing them in their homes and offices, talking to a child with cancer, a young man with a dream to rebuild a church, and an apple-pie champ. I’m enriched by their stories and thankful they allow me to share them with Missourian readers.

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