“They’re stories in the newspaper you read when you’re eating your cereal.”

That’s the answer I recently heard when I visited a school for a presentation on my book, “Twist of Fate, the Miracle Colt and His Friends.” The book began as a serial story for The Missourian and the Missouri Press Foundation, an organization that distributes my serialized stories to newspapers throughout the United State as Newspaper In Education projects.

My collaboration with Missouri Press began with my first serial

“Pressing West,” an eight-chapter story about a little boy and his work with Missouri’s first newspaper.

The opportunity to educate and entertain students inside their community newspapers has hooked me. In the past several years, I’ve written other serial stories, all told from an animal’s point of view—a colt in “Twist of Fate,” a border collie in “Patriotic Pals” and a mule whose sole goal is getting some respect for his breed in “Manny Kicks Lore Ear Lore.”

It’s my hope that over breakfast, or at their desks in school, students will “snap, crackle and pop” with excitement as newspaper pages rustle and they turn to  another installment of a serial story I’ve written.

For an example of each of the stories click below.

“Twist of Fate”
“Patriotic Pals”
“Manny Kicks Lore Ear Lore”