Fairway Elementary SchoolStudent, or writer by trade, we all struggle to get what’s in our heads down on paper, to come up with subjects, to make our writing clear, concise and grammatically correct, and to put on a brave face when writing our first draft.

“Writing is all about practice, practice, practice,” I tell students. “It’s really no different than playing the slide trombone or making a save in soccer.”

It’s my goal to help children realize that we’re all in the writing boat together, navigating our way to a finished product, one oar, one keystroke at a time. Along the way, our destination may seem out of reach, but eventually the way becomes clear. We just have to take a risk with our first draft, knowing that it’s only a draft, mere words on paper that can be revised again and again.

In my presentations, there are key points I like to include in regard to the writing process, but I also like to individualize my talks to best suit your students. You can expect me to ask what kind of writing assignments your students are working on, and what you might like for me to include in my talk.

Along with your input, you can count on me focusing on reading, how that happy habit helps us develop this mysterious, and rewarding skill, called writing.