Picture Book Review: “Love is My Favorite Thing”

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Sure we just bid the holidays adieu, but Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. How about getting the kids a sweet treat that won’t affect their teeth. “Love is My Favorite Thing,” with pictures and text by Emma Chichester Clark, will warm their hearts. Meet Plum, a bounding, affectionate cross of a pooch dogged by curiosity and temptation. As hard as Plummie tries to be good, she continually barks up the wrong tree. Passionate Plummie...

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“Frog on a Log,” Riotous with Rhyme

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Wordplay takes the day in “Frog on a Log,” a picture book by Kes Gray that’s sure to set young readers to giggling with its engaging rhyme and bright elemental illustrations by Jim Field. Meet Frog, a discombobulated amphibian that’s mincemeat for a know-it-all feline who bosses him around. The action begins when Cat yells at Frog to “Sit on a log.” But that is the last place that Frog wants to park his carcass. “Logs are all hard...

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This Halloween Book’s A Treat

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The witching night is almost here — and a certain piggy is convoluted — up to his curly tail in costume angst. He just can’t decide what to be for Halloween. Children and their parents are sure to identify with “Spooky Pookie,” by the prolific Sandra Boynton. After mommy pig explains what Halloween’s all about, she and Pookie head for the costume box. Surely there’s something inside that will appeal to the squealer. Alas, the...

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Audio Book Chilling–YA But Adult-Worthy

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Disturbing yet hypnotic, I was instantly drawn to Kenneth Oppel’s audio book “The Nest.” The master storyteller reeled me in as I listened, unsettled, yet mesmerized. Here’s a young adult crossover with appeal to those who relish a brilliantly imagined novel with a universal theme. Actor/ filmmaker Gibson Frazier narrates “The Nest,” cleverly portraying a handful of characters. The inflections in his voice are formidable as steps...

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“Something Extraordinary” Contains Lesson for All Ages

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The owl-eyed, brunette boy in “Something Extraordinary,” by Ben Clanton, isn’t different than many of us—no matter our age. A bit bored with life in general, the child wiles the hours away wishing for the impossible. “I wish I could fly…and breathe underwater…I wish rain came in seven different colors…and flavors.” His fantastical desires come to life in simple, soft pastel drawings, and include a bird pantomiming the boy’s...

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