It’s rather humiliating when you get spanked by your 30-something, tech-savvy daughter—a social media guru who built this website for me last year.

Once it was up and running, I vowed to post regularly. Nada.

Of course I had excuses. Don’t we all? The blinds needed a good dust, a new cruise catalog came in the mail, a stack of advance reading copies called to me from the office bookcase.

In all honesty, maintaining and editing a blog for another website at work has kept me abundantly busy. That is the excuse I gave Kate as she admonished me for not posting at least three times a week on this website.

“All that work I did for you for nothing,” I could almost hear her thinking. What actually came out of her mouth is how bad it looks if you have a website and you’re just letting it hang out there in cyberspace. I suppose it’s like my blinds, hanging in the office gathering dust.

Kids are great, especially adult daughters who motivate you. Let’s hope it lasts.

I do realize if I post this piece that I’m committing, a thought that makes my heart kind of sink. But I know this exercise in the discipline of writing will be good for me, and hopefully good for you too.

What can you expect to find on a website maintained by a gal with a last name you’ll never forget? Ramblings about all things literary—reviews, book news, the ins and outs of publishing and author interviews.

Hope you’ll check in from time to time. Until we meet again, “Page On!”